Our company has long been a leader in the supply of vintage cars in Europe, in the CIS countries and North America, Canada. But in recent years, we have increasingly received requests for the purchase and delivery of turnkey retro cars. We already have regular customers in this area and, of course, the necessary experience and knowledge.

There are several main online sites for the sale of retro cars on the market. As a rule, rare cars are sold there at strong market prices. We not only help our customers in finding and buying retro cars from Europe, the CIS countries, and North America, but also try to optimize the price of a retro car for each customer as much as possible. A huge number of rare cars are in the hands of private individuals. And very many of the owners do not know the real value of their rare cars inherited.

We offer our customers a variety of options for old timers, both from dealers and individuals. If you are interested in a retro car, then we will go and check it out ourselves. We can also appoint an inspection, check and buy a retro car in any region throughout Europe, in the CIS countries, USA, Canada. As another option, we offer our customers the opportunity to buy retro cars at bank auctions.

A wide range of models of vintage cars and motorcycles, restored with great care and love! Find your future collectible car with us!