Auto Retro Shop provides a wide range of classic auto parts, vintage auto parts, auto parts and car accessories for all owners and lovers of classic cars. Our range of classic car parts includes mirrors, lights, horns, switches, badges, classic engine parts, suspension of retro cars of different brands, bodywork, tires, electronics and much more from the carburetor to the body of a classic car from the 1920s to the 1980s produced by leading brands.

Auto Retro Shop has been engaged for more than 30 years in the restoration of cars of the XIX-XX years and in the hobby of antique mechanical equipment . Serving all brands and models of cars and motorcycles from the 1920s to the 1980s. Our team specializes in conventional and unusual retro vehicles. Auto Retro Shop was founded by Amateurs for the Amateur.


All parts and products have a lifetime limited warranty as long as you own your car. Peace of mind, knowing that the details are backed by such a guarantee,allows many miles of happy driving.

We support you with a full – time knowledgeable sales staff who are ready and able to help with all your antique car needs. Our customer support team is the best in the industry, providing you with the right answers quickly.


Auto Retro Shop has more than 800 square meters of storage space that is filled to the brim with hard-to-find engine, brake and suspension parts that were once considered outdated, now ready to be installed on your car.

Many of our parts are reproduced again, such as fuel pumps, water pumps, pistons, brake pads, and bearings. Every part that is offered is guaranteed to fit and function as an original. Our kits are tailored to your car’s needs to spice up its suspension, brakes and engine at an affordable price.

we have 98% completion on all orders, so you are sure of your parts when they are needed. If you are looking for classic car parts, we are your source!

Do it once and do it right with Auto Retro Shop