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Complete restoration and restoration of retro cars. The restoration of the machines. Restoration of the interior of the car, its chassis and body on the Cote d’azur. France.

Order vintage spare parts for retro cars

Auto Retro Shop provides a wide range of classic auto parts, vintage auto parts, auto parts and car accessories for all owners and lovers of classic cars. Our range of classic car parts includes mirrors, lights, horns, switches, badges, classic engine parts, suspension of retro cars of different brands, bodywork, tires, electronics and much more from the carburetor to the body of a classic car from the 1920s to the 1980s produced by leading brands.

Restoration of retro cars on a turnkey basis

Dismantling and disassembly of a retro car

Any restoration of cars begins with the disassembly of the interior, body, chassis, components and aggregates.

Repair of body parts made of steel, aluminum

Argon welding of aluminum is a painstaking and complex process, which is due to the chemical characteristics of aluminum.

Restoration of the car chassis

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of this stage, because the frame is the basis for fixing the car body and aggregates.

Painting works

To achieve the best result when restoring a car, we paint cars using modern technologies.

Restoration of the interior of a retro car

Restoration of the car interior includes repair and complete renovation of the interior details of the retro car.

What we do to restore a retro car

  • dismantling and disassembling a retro car, cataloging parts, removing old paint, cleaning the body.
  • Production / repair of body parts made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass.
  • Restoration of the car chassis.
  • Painting works.
  • Technical repair of all components of the retro car.
  • Overhaul of the engine and gearbox.
  • Electroplating works when restoring a retro car.
  • Restoration of the interior of a retro car.
  • Work on wooden coverings.
  • Manufacture and repair of electrical wiring.
  • Complete set of missing parts. Manufacturing of lost elements.
  • Tailoring and restoration of a soft roof. Repair of convertible mechanics.
  • Testing and delivery.

Vintage car rental Cote d’azur

A classic car in the retro style is a delightful work of art that fascinates with its uniqueness. No connoisseur of beauty will remain indifferent when looking at the amazing cars that seem to have come off the pages of ancient magazines. Today, retro cars are a real exotic, a trip in such a car gives a special elevated feeling.

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