Luxury British carJensen PW 12, 1951

The car Jensen PW 12 is in very good condition, the interior and bodywork have been restored and are completely original, the engine works.
The only thing that is required is restoration and inspection of the chassis
A total of 18 cars were created, of which only 6 have survived in the world.
In our personal collection we have one of these six Jensen PW 12 cars.


 The history of this particular car:

Key facts about Jensen PW 12, beautiful British car which is fully preserved to this day in its original design, the beginning of the luxury automotive industry in post-war Europe:
▪️The chassis file says the car was delivered to ‘Count F. d’Ansembourg, 8-10 (Jacquingasse) Vienna III Austria’. The date of delivery is given as 21 July 1950, slightly at variance with that given in the Data Book.
▪️The Director of the Belgian museum wrote in 1997 that the car had been acquired by his father, Ghislain Mahy, from the Australian Embassy in Brussels in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It had the dolphin mascot on it at that time.
▪️For a long time it was in the private museum Mahymobilies (it has been on display since 1994 until 2022 (see JOC#122 p. 29))
▪️The interior is remarkably well preserved completely authentic, all original details – chic leather interior, natural wood trim panel, original appliances and accessories – all in very good condition

Anyone who hasn’t driven a Jensen of this size and quality before may not appreciate how much it outperforms other vehicles.
This car is a synonym of the originality and impeccable taste