Limousine KZ-White, 1960 (6 seats)

Rent for a wedding ceremony on the Cote d’azur 

KZ LIMOUSINE-Launched from 1923 to 1932 by the manufacturer Renault, the KZ limousine is distinguished by its strength, reliability and elegance.

Its large living room with an opening roof will allow you to gather around a glass of champagne.

Renovated by us, this limousine straight from the past will create a completely unique atmosphere during your holiday event.



    Retro car Beaufort Open Tournament

    From 110 €
    3 hours-from 110 € / hour

    5 hours-from 100 € / hour

    8 hours or more-from 90 € / hour

    Wedding and anniversary

    Retro car Beauford Open Tourer

    From 120 €
    3 hours-from 120 € / hour

    5 hours-from 110 € / hour

    8 hours or more-from 100 € / hour

    Tourist trips

    Retro car Beaufort Open Tournament

    From 110 €
    3 hours-from 110 € / час

    5 hours-from 100 € / час

    8 hours or more-from 90 € / час

    Wedding on the French Riviera

    Wedding on the Cote d’azur it will become the main event in your life, a fabulous journey into the world of unforgettable impressions and magical pleasures. There is no place more suitable for a wedding than the Cote d’azur. Everything here emphasizes the romance and solemnity of the event: stunningly beautiful views, luxury villas, ancient Provencal castles, historical architectural ensembles, luxurious well-groomed beaches stretching for many kilometers.

    wedding In France will be organized on a large scale: we offer to rent an old castle or a luxury Villa on the Riviera. For a Grand outdoor event, we will order spacious tents and awnings. We will meet and comfortably deliver numerous guests and friends to the wedding. At your disposal are modern yachts, medieval coaches, fast helicopters, prestigious limos, rare cars, and comfortable buses. All the best just for you-beautiful sea and mountain views, villas and castles, surrounded by greenery.

    A wedding on the Cote d’azur will turn into a real fairy-tale extravaganza, because this event should be remembered for a lifetime. We will invite famous Russian and foreign performers, artists of any genre and for the most demanding taste. We will organize incendiary dances with the help of professional DJs, prepare the background design of the wedding and an unforgettable entertainment program, taking into account your wishes and preferences.

    for the wedding Banquet we will invite the best chefs, real masters of their craft. They will prepare dishes of any cuisine in the world that will be appreciated by even the most demanding gourmets. To make everything perfect, we will discuss all the details of the celebration with you in advance: the placement at the table, the optimal number of snacks and drinks, what delicious desserts to surprise the guests, in what order to serve the dishes. When celebrating in the open air, we will organize catering and deliver guests to the wedding venue.

    Banquet hall Design is one of the most important moments of a wedding. We will decorate it with flowers, bouquets, fabric draperies, candles, chocolate waterfalls, balloons. Your guests will be mesmerized by the sight of flaming fountains, fiery inscriptions in the air, doves soaring into the sky, and fluttering butterflies. Their imagination will be struck by unexpected volleys of confetti, chic fireworks and fireworks. On the stage there will be a bright action, from which it is impossible to look away: a show of doubles, a corps de ballet, trained parrots, swallowers of swords and fire. Huge projection and led screens reflect all the main moments of the wedding, bright videos and photos.

    Imagine how beautiful the wedding photos will turn out. During the wedding ceremony on the Cote d’azur, you will feel like a famous actress, glowing with happiness and love. These photos you will be thrilled to review all your life and proudly show them to your children and grandchildren. A luxurious wedding celebration will become a part of your romantic family history, and the emotions and impressions you have experienced will not fade over the years. Give yourself such a magical holiday of love, and let it be a symbol of your long and happy life together.